1600+ attendees in 2019

200+ Speakers

2019 Exhibition Sold Out

40+ Patients

98% Top 50 pharma confirmed in 2019

The only event to meet Europe's top patient leaders and innovators

To become a health innovator, we have to realign mindsets around the outcomes-dependent, patient-first business reality of tomorrow.

This means going beyond the needs of our company and working with stakeholders to harness the greatest value possible. To get there we must overcome hurdles that still persist when gaining internal and external support.

The end result…better outcomes, prescription numbers and patient adherence.

eyeforpharma Barcelona 2019 (12-14th, March) will bring together pharma leadership from key commercial functions, together with key external decision-makers to build towards your patient engagement strategy.

Great networking, atmosphere and inspiration on how to incorporate patient insights Sabine Wiemer
Senior Director, Grünenthal
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Industry Patient Speakers Include:

John ZibertChief Medical Officer

John Zibert

Pol VandenbrouckeSVP, Chief Development Officer

Pol Vandenbroucke

Ana CespedesChief Operating Officer

Ana Cespedes

Roslyn SchneiderGlobal Patient Affairs Lead

Roslyn Schneider

Jennifer TurgissVice President, Behavior Science & Advanced Analytics

Jennifer Turgiss

Ruth WilsonCo-founder & Director

Ruth Wilson

Key Patient Agenda Themes 

We’re in this together!Work on the ‘same side’ as patients and partners to build long-lasting, meaningful services

Foster a patient-centric supply chain With buy in and support from all external and internal stakeholders

Use patient dataTo translate insights into strategy that differentiates you

The im-patient conference at Barcelona

An idea was born

In 2018 we had an idea. Let’s host a pharmaceutical conference - except this time, patients will be the designers, creators and hosts!

The rationale

There are plenty of pharmaceutical conferences, many of which claim to be ‘patient-centric’. However, they are all run with one basic assumption: that pharma companies know what patients want, and that pharma companies should set the agenda.

Beyond conferences

After 2 successful iterations (in Europe and North America) we’re now bringing im-patient to Barcelona 2019 – where its industry changing impact can be felt the most.

No longer is the industry in the driving seat. With patient there instead, we can capture the true essence of what patient-centricity means – with the most important topics, speakers and discussion formats all chosen by the steering board.

The 2019 patient steering board*

*Voted by you!

Matt Eagles

Matt EaglesPatient and Patient Advocate
See bio

Carole Sian Scrafton

Carole Sian ScraftonPatient, Advocate and im-patient founder
See bio

Alan Thomas

Alan ThomasPatient and Patient Advocate
See bio

Brigit Bauer

Brigit BauerPatient and Patient Advocate
See bio

Elly Aylwin-Foster

Elly Aylwin-FosterPatient, Advocate and Writer
See bio

John Zibert

Candace LermanPatient, Advocate and Of Counsel
See bio

John Zibert

Andrea Ruano FloresPatient and Patient Advocate
See bio

im-patient Conference Agenda

  • 1:50pm - 1:55pm
Chairman & im-patient summit introduction

Matt Eagles

Patient & Patient Advocate

Carole Sian Scrafton

Patient Advocate

  • 1:55pm - 3:10pm
im-patient Roundtable Debates
  • Creating inclusion across country, language, culture and ethnic barriers – the evolution of patient story telling

Rick Harris

Patient Advocate

  • How to improve ethnic representation in clinical trials
  • Discuss best and worst case examples of pharma-patient group collaboration
  • Disjointed relationship between pharma and med-tech and impact on patient lives

Alan Thomas

Patient & Patient Advocate

Ataxia & Me

  • An in-depth look at the efforts made in pain management and how we can better create access to physical therapies

Andrew Spiegel



  • The changing space of patient advocacy/organisation corporate responsibility (CR) as influence, regulation and onlookers increase

Carole Sian Scrafton

Patient Advocate

  • Building an experience-based framework to accelerate the growth/improve chances of success for start-up patient groups and organisations
  • It’s raining digital applications – increase use through more targeted collaborative effort, driven by patient need

Birgit Bauer

Patient & Patient Advocate

  • 3:10pm - 3:40pm
Break for Coffee
  • 3:40pm - 3:55pm
Presentation: Societies perception of health is broken – let’s build a new one (TBC with Ruth)
  • See how the #PersonBeforePatient initiative is changing societies perception of what health means
  • Discuss the role for pharma beyond current therapeutic realities
  • Explore the “issue-focused framework” developed to unite health groups to spark health policy change

Ruth Wilson

Co-founder & Director


  • 3:55pm - 4:20pm
Fireside chat: Improve patient adherence with greater collaboration with carers
  • Learn how better to work with caregivers to collect data and insights on the patient journey
  • Discuss the vital role collaboration with caregivers can play in communicating and working with patients
  • How to incorporate carers into clinical trial recruitment processes to enhance timelines and accuracy of patient profiles

Sonia Hawkins


Rick Harris

Patient Advocate

  • 4:20pm - 4:55pm
Panel: Secure data sovereignty for greater health data access and benefits
  • Understand public perception concerns around data security, privacy and use preventing cloud adoption and larger scale data sharing
  • Explore communication approaches and technical solutions to solve perception issues
  • Discuss GDPR’s impact on industry data use and public concerns one year on

Chris Carrigan

Patient Advocate & Researcher

Use My Data

David Leather

Medical Vice President, Respiratory Franchise


Richard Stephens

Consumer Lead and Chair of Consumer Forum



Nigel Hughes

Scientific Director, Janssen Clinical Innovation

Janssen R&D

  • 4:55pm - 5:30pm
Panel: Pharma’s generation gap
  • Gain a more complete understanding of population health through enhanced partnership with young patients and carers
  • Learn what new communication channels, approaches and capabilities will be necessary to overcome current industry lacking

Brad Gudger

Founder and Medical Director


  • 5:30pm - 5:35pm
Closing remarks

Our Patient Promise

This patient focus has become commonplace over the past few years, and it’s easy to think that it’s a straightforward thing to do. But patient focus runs much deeper than that; it is not simply compassion.

As an organiser of industry events and published articles, we have a responsibility to ensure the patient voice is heard and understood. We also have an opportunity to magnify the patient voice so it can be received by many. So the involvement of patients in our conferences is essential.

To create this Patient Policy, we have consulted with patients to understand how to accommodate everyone at our events.

eyeforpharma Patient Policy: Free patient passes at all events; eyeforpharma Awards dedicated to patient initiatives; Patient speakers at every event; Events designed with patients input; Patient advocate columnists and co-created content

New for 2019
The Innovation Stage

A showcase of bleeding-edge, industry-transforming science and new ideas which will open your eyes to the coming disruptions.

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Patient-focussed conferences are usually designed by pharma. Until now! This time, patients have created the agenda and line-up.

Find out more here
24/7 Interactive Roundtables

Moderated by industry experts, you can now join your fellow attendees in interactive roundtable sessions running throughout the entire event.

See the detailed roundtable topics here
The Networking Party

Join 400 of us at the W Hotel Barcelona for a cocktail, canapés, a coastal view and the very best networking in pharma.

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