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You wanted more practical sessions. We listened and so for 2020, join us on “Day Zero” (March 30th) for an afternoon of workshops that allow you to get your hands dirty and develop tools, skills and new approaches. What’s more, they are FREE for attendees.

Choose from the following sessions, created for business pharma leaders like you:

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Workshop 1:How business leaders can beat the talent crunch: Leading across generations

For pharma business leaders to thrive in today’s competitive market, as well as meet the needs of our patients, it is vital to not only attract the best candidates but it’s equally critical to retain your top talent. This practical workshop is for anyone leading a team in pharma who wants to know how to proactively develop their team’s talents, retain staff and be a more effective, influential and impactful leader.

Workshop participants will:

  • Learn new skills for being an effective, engaging and influential leader–with insights from cross-generational individuals
  • Gain tools for adjusting your leadership style for the cross-generational workforce
  • Learn from other business leaders on how they have been able to keep staff in-house and not lose them to the competition
  • Understand how to “take stock” of the leadership capabilities and assess whether your teams are equipped with the optimal mindset–one that is innovative, agile and collaborative–and tools to beat the “war on talent”
  • Explore how to build and leverage networks via the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) as inspiration to enhance professional success of your employees
  • Discover how to be an attractive employer that fosters inclusion and diversity

Led by:

  •  Sabine Hutchison, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Europe Deputy Chair and CEO of Seuss+
  • Kathrin Schoenborn, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Europe Chair and VP, Head of Integrated Planning, Analytics and Partnering, Merck KGaA

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Workshop 2:Key Account Management (KAM) in Pharma – Applying Best Practices in KAM for Business Results

As the Pharma industry continues to consolidate, we are starting to see beyond borders accounts, companies are facing intense pressure to differentiate themselves from the competition and avoid commoditization of their offerings bringing added value and value based to the conversation. Commercial teams are responding by trying to sell value, but are generally being rebuffed by disinterested buyers.

Our workshop will show a proven alternative approach to co-create value with and become strategic to your largest and most important customers. We call this Strategic Account Management. After a short introductory session to reach a common understanding on the principles of SAM, successful practitioners will share not only what they did, but how they did it in a highly interactive session. 

Attend this workshop and you will:

  • Identify the 11 key enablers of a KAM Program
  • Discover how to select the right companies as key accounts and why this is so critical to get it right the first time
  • Understand how to gain internal support for a KAM program
  • Learn how to measure the organizational impact 
  • Hear from pharmaceutical executives sharing their challenges and success factors in KAM

After this 3-hour session you will leave with:

  • A roadmap on how to apply best practices in KAM to your own company for organizational impact
  • Knowledge of KAM critical success factors 
  • Examples of successful KAM partnerships 
  • A new network of experienced peers in pharma with a passion for customers

This workshop is for:

  • Business effectiveness and commercial excellence teams and leaders
  • COEs team
  • Sales leaders

Led by:

  • Oliver Scholz, Global KAM Lead, Bayer Healthcare AG
  • Dino Bertani, Executive Director, Strategic Account Management, Business Excellence, Allergan
  • Max Walker, Director, Strategic Account Management, CVG EMEA, Medtronic
  • Dominique Cote, Board Member, The Strategic Account Management Association
  • Denise Freier, CEO, The Strategic Account Management Association
  • Harvey Dunham, Managing Director of Strategy & Marketing, The Strategic Account Management Association

(SAMA) Strategic Account Management Association - Logo
(SAMA) Strategic Account Management Association - Logo
(SAMA) Strategic Account Management Association - Logo
(SAMA) Strategic Account Management Association - Logo

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