Q&A: How one of eyeforpharma’s exhibitors achieved solid ROI

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Q: How one of eyeforpharma’s exhibitors achieved solid ROI

A: 60seconds.com is a remote coaching app for pharma sales teams in the field. It measurably helps improve their messaging and sales skills and enhances the coaching process.

Q: What was your first experience of partnering with eyeforpharma?

A: I first worked with eyeforpharma in Sydney in 2016. Since then, we have exhibited at eight eyeforpharma events in Sydney, Barcelona, Tokyo and Philadelphia.

Q: How has eyeforpharma met your expectations in terms of helping to drive new business?

A: eyeforpharma has been an excellent partner for us in helping to build out our pipeline and nurture relationships with decision-makers in the industry.

Q: Can you share what you have achieved in terms of ROI at eyeforpharma events?

A: It is difficult to share precise numbers, but as well as building a solid pipeline through forging professional relationships at these events, we have achieved solid ROI through business won as a result of attending and aligning ourselves with a valued brand in the health sciences sector.

Q: Why do you continue to partner with eyeforpharma?

A: eyeforpharma understand what we are trying to do, who we would like to meet and they support us consistently and with good humour throughout the process.

Q: What would be your biggest piece of advice to a company new to eyeforpharma events be?

A: Make the most of the entire event. Meet as many people as possible and understand the issues which the industry is talking about.