Why attend?

Because you’re worth it

As a patient, you have suffered. You’ve been sick. You’ve battled through it.

But how can you turn a negative experience into something positive?

It’s simple: by telling your story. Only you truly understand what you’ve been through, but by speaking directly to the pharmaceutical industry you can make sure that hundreds, maybe even thousands, of other patients will have a better experience. You could trigger an avalanche of innovation – pharma companies realising there is a problem they must solve, health entrepreneurs getting new ideas, health policy makers changing the system or creating educational materials.

So, do not underestimate your power as a patient. By attending this conference, you become the most important person in the room – the one everyone must listen to, the one everyone is trying to find a solution for. And you’ll make friends with other patients on a similar journey.

The great news is, you can do it all for free. eyeforpharma allows patients (who do not have a commercial interest) to attend the event without paying a single penny.

Click here to apply to attend now.